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Nota de esclarecimento Vestibular de Medicina

Publicado em: 24-11-2022



Clarification note

Rio Verde, November 24th, 2022

“Students do not participate in the Medicine Admissions Exam for not following test public notice”

The University of Rio Verde - UniRV informs that, unfortunately, tens of candidates for the medicine admissions exam that showed up for the test on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November could not do the test because they did not present the required identification documents according to the test public notice. These candidates presented documents expedited when they were children, in which many do not have a signature for they were illiterate. In that case it is not possible to attest their identification by test staff. The public notice presents in items 6.2 and 6.6, respectively, in bold, in caps and underlined:




“6.6 Damaged or unreadable documents will NOT be accepted, neither will those that say: “Illiterate” or “Child”.”

UniRV considers as childhood identification the identification documents emitted according to Article 15 of Federal Decree 10.977, of February 23rd 2022, that is, documents emitted for people aged 11 and under.

The requirements stipulated in item 6.6 of the public notice bases itself in the safety, correctness and transparency of the selection process, since, many attempts of fraud were stopped in previous selections. That being, in the face of the impossibility of identifying candidates through photos and signatures and in respect to the nearly 15 thousand applications and, fundamentally, as said above, veiling for the maximum safety in the selection process and transparency in order to avoid possible frauds, UniRV strictly followed what is in the public notice. The public notice regulates the selection process, according to Public Administration principles. Thus, candidates stopped of participating in the process, according to item 6.6, tried to cause ruckus by publishing rumors in social networking sites contrary to true facts.

On the 23rd and 24th of November, some of these candidates, in an attempt to participate, went to the Police Station in order to get a Police Incident Report relating a possible document loss, which might authorize them to enter test sites, in accordance to item 6.7 of the Public Notice. Therefore, the incident reports are not “against” UniRV, but of personal interest of the candidates attempting to guarantee their right to do the tests. In face of these events and the quantity of Incident Reports expedited, the Police Authority of Rio Verde made 3 papilloscopists to help candidates that present a Police Incident Report, starting on the 22nd.

It is important to inform that some candidates have manifested themselves in the sense that they might have been able to fool the test staff, disregarding the public notice, doing the test in one day and not being able to do the same in another. That is an attitude extremely opposite to what is expected of a future medicine professional. That is what UniRV is searching for, in respect to the moral and ethical principles of the profession. Here we have, truthfully, an inversion of values. While gloating and/or justifying not following the rules of the selection process, in order to guarantee their permanence in immorality.

Certain of contributing with the facts of the matter, the University of Rio Verde laments what has happened, which is restricted to approximately 80 candidates, and understands having acted and taken the exact measures inside the law, and mainly, the public notice, respecting the dedication, preparation and ethics of the nearly 14.920 other applicants that are participating of the selection process regularly.

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